Below is the documentation available for V3 of the Shibboleth Identity Provider, including all 3.x patch and minor upgrade releases. Documentation is split up in to two parts: documentation meant for individuals that are deploying and managing an Identity Provider and documentation meant for individuals that are developing custom extensions for the Identity Provider.

The current stable release of the Identity Provider is V4.0.0, and the previous stable release is V3.4.7. Please the see the IDP4 wiki space for the V4 documentation.

All software, including archived releases, is available from and each release is accompanied by a detached PGP signature using one of the keys listed in the project's PGP_KEYS file.

All our software is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source software license.

All deployers need to subscribe to the Shibboleth Announcement mailing list. This is where announcements about new releases, end of life of past releases, and security advisories are distributed.

High-level information to get started with SAML and Shibboleth can be found in the Concepts wiki space.

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