Native SP <MetadataProvider>

Metadata is used by Shibboleth providers to identify the partners they deal with. Unlike other configuration files which describe how this SP will behave, the metadata loaded by the SP describes the IdP's it will interact with. Each application trusts its own set of partners by loading their metadata with a <MetadataProvider> element.

<MetadataProvider type="Chaining">
    <MetadataProvider type="XML" path="/etc/shibboleth/localidp.xml"/>
    <MetadataProvider type="XML" path="/etc/shibboleth/federation.xml"/>

There are two types of <MetadataProvider> element.


Loads metadata information from XML files in the standard SAML 2.0 format.


To use multiple metadata files, place multiple <MetadataProvider> elements into an encapsulating <MetadataProvider type="Chaining"> element.

Please refer to the SAML2Metadata topic for examples on creating your own metadata for some common deployment scenarios.