Installing the Discovery Service

Before You Begin

The first question you should ask is whether you need to install the DiscoveryService.

If you decide to install you should find out all the metadata sources you may need.

Performing the Install

The Shibboleth Discovery Service, version 2.0, is a standard Java web application.

  1. Download the Discovery Service package from Internet2 Shibboleth Download site
  2. Unzip the package.
  3. Change into the newly created IdP distribution directory.
  4. Endorse Xerces and Xalan by copying the contents of the endorsed directory to the approriate place on the web Server (for tomcat this is $TOMCAT_ROOT\common\endorsed).
  5. Edit to control:
    1. Where to install the configuration files.
    2. Whether the install will delete any previous installation.
  6. Run either ./ (on Unix systems) or ant.bat (on Windows systems) as a suitably authorised user user. This user must have the ability to create the IdP home directory identified in the previous step.
  7. Configure the Discovery Service to point to the metadata sources you identified above as described here.
  8. Deploy the Discovery Service WAR file, located in the Discovery Service's Home directory.
  9. Further Configuration is described here.