Welcome to the Shibboleth 2.0 Wiki, a community-maintained repository for deployment, configuration, and production information.

Shibboleth allows users to securely send trusted information about themselves to remote resources. This information may then be used for authentication, authorization, content personalization, and enabling single sign-on across a broad range of services from many different providers.

For more information please read Understanding Shibboleth.

Installation and Configuration

{lozenge:link=Installation|color=bronze|arrow=none|title=Installation Instructions}Find out how to perform basic installations of the various Shibboleth components.{lozenge}
{lozenge:link=Configuration|color=silver|arrow=none|title=Configuration How-To's}Get step-by-step instructions for configuring specific components of your Shibboleth software.{lozenge}
{lozenge:link=Troubleshooting|color=red|arrow=none|title=Troubleshooting}Find information on diagnosing and correcting errors here.{lozenge}

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Technical Specifications

Contribution to this Wiki requires an account with a functional IdP that is a member of InCommon or other trusted source. Your eduPersonPrincipalName must be released to the SP protecting this Wiki, https://spaces.internet2.edu/shibboleth, and metadata about your IdP must be sent to wiki-access@internet2.edu. If you don't belong to an IdP but still wish to contribute, ProtectNetwork is available to anyone with a non-bouncing email address.