Once you've installed Shibboleth 2, you'll have to configure it for your environment. The configuration topics below are arranged by software component. A few of the most used topics are listed here but others may be found by following the More... link for each component.

If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please check the list archives, and if necessary send a new message to the user support mailing list.

Communicate with a New Service Provider
Configure Loaded Metadata
Customize User Authentication
Define a New Attribute
Define a New Attribute Filter


Getting Started

Talk to a New Identity Provider
Use a New Attribute
Access Attributes Programmatically
"Shibbolize" an Application
Protect Content
Session Initiation
Error Handling
Define Multiple Applications
Deal with eduPersonTargetedID

Configuration Reference
Command Line Tools


How it All Fits Together
Build Your Own Federation
Adding Metadata to the DS
DS User Interface Configuration
DS Multiple Federations