The <SessionCache> element configures the plugin used for the caching of user sessions. The cache manages access to attributes, session metadata, and SAML assertions, and enforces session timeout policy.

On Version 2.4 and above, this element can be omitted, resulting in the "StorageService" cache being used, on top of the default StorageService, with other options defaulted.

Common Attributes

StorageService SessionCache

Identified by type="StorageService", stores data using a previously-defined <StorageService> plugin. Includes a hybrid design that detects in-process vs. out-of-process use and buffers frequently-used sessions inside the web server to minimize repeated transfers of data across the process boundary. Memory use can be tuned.

<SessionCache type="StorageService" StorageService="db" cacheAllowance="3600" inprocTimeout="900" cleanupInterval="900"/>