Operation of a Shibboleth IdP in production benefits from a broad set of skills. Many of the below are general software questions that would be applicable for operation of any high-availability Java servlet, and some of them are specifically oriented towards the security functionality that is leveraged by Shibboleth.

This is not a mandatory nor critical list; instead, it's meant to serve as a good reference guide for anyone who wants to learn what it takes to really run an IdP smoothly.

Specific software skills:

General technical skills:

Personal skills:

It's important for anyone operating an IdP to understand the importance and nature of the job. Enterprise identity information comes from a lot of sources, goes to a lot of applications, and is often highly sensitive and personal. Many stakeholders need to be participants in the process to make sure that everyone is comfortable and policies are adhered to. Users' data needs to be treated with great respect and caution and released only when necessary.

As operator of an identity management system, your purpose is to serve and help applications that rely on you for critical information. Without your service available, it's impossible for the application to function. Shibboleth is just plumbing.