Shibboleth Developer's Meeting, 2016-08-05

Call Administrivia

10:00 Central US / 11:00 Eastern US / 16:00 UK

Calls are normally the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. Next call would be Friday 2016-08-19. Any reason to deviate from this?

60 to 90 minute call window.


Call Details

This week's call will use the Lync system at OSU. To participate, call:

  1. +1 (614) 688-1800 (please use if possible)
  2. +1 (800) 678-6114 (use only if you're charged for the 614 number)

The Conference ID is: 738127#

International participants should be able to access the 800 number without charge through Skype.


  1. Flattening the IdP attribute resolver namespaces? ... Or redo dependenices? .. Or neither?... or both?
  2. TIER packaging direction
  3. Dynamic metadata caching
  4. U2F approach
  5. 3.3 timing/scope
  6. Source/target 1.8? Are any other dependencies at risk of moving there? Spring?
  7. Token binding and SAML – mandatory vs. optional semantics


Attendees: Scott, Brent, Tom, Marvin, Rod




Still continuing work on artifact resolution, which also includes some metadata resolver and SOAP components.  Somewhat stalled on this for the last couple of weeks.  Also dealing with the usual GU pre-school year crunch work load.



I've got a conflict today. I will try to join late.