Centralized Discovery Service V3

This pages speaks about the Centralized Discovery Service. In our world view this is the fallback DS which Federations need to offer for non Javascript users, and to SPs that cannot, or are unwilling, to offer an Embedded Discovery Service.

The Shibboleth project is comitted to continuing to support the EDS.


The currently shipping CDS is getting very old and cumbersome and currently requires several libraries which are end of life.

It is the developers' aim to end of life (stop supporting) V2 as soon as possible (ideally end of year 2015).

There are currently active discussions as to whether we will offer anything in replacement or point customers at any of the other discovery implementations that have become available.

If we are to develop a CDS then we need to start reasonably soon, and with that in mind below is some collated documentation (part requirements document, part top level design document, part project plan).




The CDS need not offer the following (which are available to CDS V2)

Technical Considerations

We want


Design Items

Work Items