The RelationalDatabase data connector allows creation of multiple attributes a relational database specified via JDBC.

Schema Name and Location

This element is defined by the urn:mace:shibboleth:2.0:resolver:ad schema, which can be located at  


 <resolver:DataConnector id="myDatabase" xsi:type="dc:RelationalDatabase">
       jdbcDriver="org.hsqldb.jdbc.JDBCDriver" jdbcURL="jdbc:hsqldb:mem:RDBMSDataConnectorStore"
       jdbcUserName="SA" jdbcPassword="" />

         SELECT * FROM people WHERE userid='%s'
   <dc:Column columnName="homephone" attributeID="phonenumber" />
   <dc:ResultCache elementTimeToLive="PT10S"/>
<resolver:DataConnector id="myDatabase" xsi:type="dc:RelationalDatabase" mappingStrategy="MappingBeanId">


Any of the common attributes can be specified. In addition the following attributes may be specified



booleanfalseControls whether an empty result set is an error


bean definition The Id of a Spring bean defining a MappingStrategy <ResultSet >


booleanfalseControls whether  a result set with more than one result is an error


XML Duration or number of milliseconds A timeout for the queries made against the data base.
springResource  File definition A file containing Spring definitions suitable for injecting into a RDBMSDataConnector or AbstractSearchDataConnector


bean definition The Id of a Spring bean defining a Velocity Engine

Child Elements

Any of the common child elements can be specified. In addition the following may be specified



0 or 1 (all three elements)

Can only be 0 if the springResource
attribute is supplied

Connects to a database via a JNDI connection.


Connects to a database by a JDBC URL


Connects to a database via an externally specified DataSource, the spring bean id of which is supplied as the content of the element.


0 or 1 


0 or more 


0 or 1 (both elements

A ResultCache definition.


The id of an externally defined bean which specifies a Guava cache of type<String,Map<String,IdPAttribute>>