The Shibboleth Project, as distinct from the Shibboleth Consortium , is a traditional open source software project that is self-governing, under the control of the project's participants, known as Committers. Of course, this independence extends only so far, since the project's viability financially is dependent on the Consortium's success in attracting financial support for our work. To formalize the relationship, the Consortium's primary Operating Resolution, adopted in conjunction with the initial charter, contains a pair of sections, 4 and 5, that describe the Project's organization and governance, and the expectations placed on its participants.

Without repeating that material here, the highlights are:

All Committers agree to participate in the project subject to the resolutions passed by the Consortium Board, and may choose to withdraw their participation in the event that resolutions are passed with which they do not agree. At the present time, this consists of the following: