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  • Eclipse 4.7 Oxygen (2017)
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This page contains my personal notes for the Eclipse 4.7 "Oxygen" release made available on 28 June 2017.

Installation and Configuration

Most of the documentation in the Shibboleth project's Configuring Eclipse page seems to apply just as well to Oxygen as it does to earlier releases.  I'll just cover differences between my own setup and what is there.

  • The default stack size for Eclipse has been increased to 1024MB, so there's less need to change that explicitly any more.
  • If you're not using Subversion any more, the "headless" workround for the startup hang is likewise no longer required.
  • I no longer install the Subversive plugin.
  • I have registered the following plugins as Eclipse Marketplace favourites so that they can be installed in a single operation:
    • TestNG for Eclipse
    • Checkstyle Plug-in
    • Spring Tools

I also normally install the (commercial) oXygen XML editor plugin from its update site. There is usually a gap between a new Eclipse release and official support from oXygen, and this is highlighted when you open each workspace for the first time, but it seems to function nevertheless.

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