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Shibboleth Developer's Meeting, 2017-01-20

Call Administrivia

10:00 Central US / 11:00 Eastern US / 16:00 UK

Calls are normally the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. Next call would be Friday 2017-02-03.

60 to 90 minute call window.

Call Details

This week's call will use the Zoom system at GU, see ZoomGU for access info.


  1. Persistent ID case issue
    1. We will investigate alternative generation strategies but the length limitations may make most alternatives impractical.
    2. For now we'll continue operating the wiki and JIRA as is due to the lack of sensitivity of the access for non-committers (who all use EPPN), but will monitor the community direction on the issue.
  2. jetty-base strategy
  3. Tomcat load test



  • Reviewing final issues with git conversion for java-shib-idp2
  • Implementing enhanced context tree logging.  Lots o' fun with Jackson serialization of BaseContext data.
  • Investigating notions around thread models and containers and what the hell they do and could do.


  • Remove non-StartTLS in-memory LDAP from tests?




  • Running around like a blue tailed wot-not on non Shib stuff
  • Trying to whip the Windows Curl Build into coherence.  No surprises just cynical acceptance.
  • Blitz on EDS bugs
  • Jetty Deployment and IDP-1094 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Procrastinating before taking a run  through IdP installer Issues
  • Then SP.


  • Spelunking minor issues, lot of time spent supporting Duo deployers, thinking about which old features to deprecate
  • Added an "official" TrustEngine TrustManager for use with ldaptive
  • Wordpress site cleanup, still need to do contact forms with it
  • Need to get new vhosts in place for downloads and discovery but don't think we have the addresses so we may need to piggyback


  • Updated
  • Updated Nexus
  • IDP-1105 - Getting issue details... STATUS  done


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