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Please note that the V3 release branch is now the previous stable release, with the current stable releases from the V4 branch.
Support for V3 will end on Dec 31, 2020.

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Nov 26, 2014

The first beta release 3.0 Identity Provider software contains more bug fixes, contains a nearly final configuration layout, and includes additional features such as attribute release and terms of use consent flows modeled on uApprove and its forks.

This release is considered feature complete, and while we will not support upgrades from it or guarantee no further configuration changes, changes between now and the final release in December will generally be limited to important bug fixes or changing of defaults. No major additional features will be added.


October 29, 2014

The third alpha release of the 3.0 Identity Provider software contains many bug fixes, substantial configuration refactoring to hide more implementation details, some new authentication features, and principally the first iteration of the installation and upgrade process for both Windows and "standard" installations.

Also included are new administrative flows that allow on-demand reloading of configuration files and metadata sources, and a revamped set of command line scripts to interact with these flows.


July 28 2014

The second alpha release of the 3.0 Identity Provider software primarily consists of bug fixes.

The dummy private and secret keys included in the first alpha release have been removed. You can now generate key material for your installation using a temporary script in the bin/ directory.

There are no longer seperate authentication flows for different password-based back-ends like JAAS or LDAP, but a single flow for password authentication that can be easily configured to use different back-ends. This is a breaking configuration change.

A new subsystem was added to support reloadable access control rules for administrative features like the status page.

The StoredIDDataConnector and the StoredIDPrincipalConnector have been fully implemented.

The ECP profile implementation was completed.

The war tree is now expanded in the distribution to allow us to run command line tools without duplicating libraries.


June 25 2014

This is the first alpha release of the 3.0 Identity Provider software. 

NOTE especially that there is not yet a true installation process, and the private and secret keys that are included by default are not generated, but are dummy keys that are checked into subversion and are part of the testing environment. Using the software for any sensitive purpose is ill advised, but would require at minimum replacing those keys.

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