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  1. Download and extract the distribution

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h2. Web Service Distribution
{note}The web service distribution is not yet available.  The following documentation is a work in progress.{note}

The metadata aggregator web service is a standard Java web application.  The distribution comes with a Servlet container ([Jetty|]) bundled with it.  Most people should use this container (it will be configured for you during the install process) unless there is a strong reason to use another container.  If you need to use another container the WAR file, which is what Jetty uses, is available in the distribution.

h2. Required Information
Before you begin, you'll need to have the following things ready:
* IP address you want the service to listen on (if your host has more than one)
* SSL key/certificate you want to use (if you want to serve content over HTTPS)

_TODO: any other?_

h2. Installation
# [Download] and extract the metadata aggregator
# Run the install script

_TODO: how to start/stop service_

h2. Using Another Container
Since the metadata aggregator web service is a standard Java web app any container capable of working with Servlet 2.5 apps may be used.  To deploy the application in another container you need to:

# Give the location of the WAR to the container.  The WAR is located in the $MDA_HOME/war directory.
# Set the {{contextConfigLocation}} init parameter whose value is the absolute path to the $MDA_HOME/conf/mda-config.xml file.

Note, most Servlet containers provide a way to point to a WAR on the file system and to set context init parameters without copying the war or editing any of its files.  For example, you can use a [deployment descriptor|] in [Tomcat|].  If your container provides such mechanisms you should use them.  It will make upgrading much easier.