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  • Same: SAML's approach is largely identical to Liberty's approach, including close similarity in specification text and even syntax to a large degree (though it cannot be assumed to be identical; at the very least, the markup resides in a different namespace).
  • Equivalent: SAML's approach is functionally equivalent, even if achieved in a different manner structurally.
  • More functional: SAML has generalized the Liberty functionality to account for more options or use cases.
  • Different: SAML has significant structural differences from Liberty due to the refactoring activity done as part of the design and convergence effort for SAML V2.0.


The LECP use case in ID-FF is rended in a redesigned profile called ECP that uses SOAP and PAOS. It is functionally the same, but uses SOAP and SOAP header blocks to carry the information the ID-FF profile places inside custom XML envelopes. The most significant difference is that the interaction with the SP is via PAOS and not POST. This is a change, but an ID-FF SP could not support LECP before without explicit changes anyway.



Much of the specification language about proxying SSO is very similar to ID-FF's text. Some additional policy controls on proxying are supported in SAML, but the overall approach is about the same. Note that the reliance on the Authentication Context specification to carry the list of providers is removed.