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The decoder plugin is responsible for instantiating an object that subclasses the required internal class interface, while capturing any data necessary to properly expose the extracted value(s) to the SP and protected applications. It is the decoder plugin that actually understands how to process an attribute's values.

Table of Contents

Common Attributes


  • hashAlg (string) (Version 2.3 and Above)
    • Name of a hashing algorithm to apply to the decoded attribute's serialized values before caching them. Internally, this turns any source attribute object into a simple/string-valued attribute whose values are the result of hashing the original values that would have been placed into the mapped header(s). The algorithm names to use here are dependent on the cryptographic library that supplies the hashing. In the case of OpenSSL, they're simple names like "SHA1" or "SHA256".
  • langAware (boolean) (defaults to false) (Version 2.5 and Above)
    • If true, the decoding process changes from "decode all values" to "find the value whose xml:lang attribute best matches the combination of the client's requested language preference(s) and any server-imposed defaults". If no match is found, a single unspecified value is selected. All other values are ignored.

String AttributeDecoder

Indicated by xsi:type="StringAttributeDecoder", treats the SAML attribute's values as a simple string. No additional processing is done.