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  • MDA-179: The Version class is now functional, rather than throwing a NullPointerException when used.
  • MDA-196: Setting the XMLSignatureSigningStage's includeX509SubjectName property to true caused a ClassCastException. It now behaves as intended, resulting in an <X509SubjectName> element being added to the signature's  <KeyInfo>'s <X509Data> element.
  • MDA-216: signatures generated by the XMLSignatureSigningStage under Java 11 are now consistent with signatures generated under earlier versions of Java.
  • MDA-220EntityFilterStage handled the case of whitelisting incorrectly when the collection of entity IDs to whitelist was empty. The stage now correctly removes all items from the collection, rather than removing none of them.
  • MDA-224XMLSignatureSigningStage threw an IndexOutOfBoundsException if the includeKeyValue property was set to true without either setting the publicKey or certificates properties; the stage now just omits the KeyValue from the signature as if includeKeyValue had been set to false.

Version 0.9.2 (current stable release)