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Comment: Typo in idpui:serviceContact example


  • The tag <idpui:serviceContact cssId="cp"/> would return John Doe.
  • The tag <idpui:serviceContact cssStyle="font-size:20px" contactType="technical"/> would return <a href="" style="font-size:20px">John Doe<>Jane Smith</a>
  • The tag <idpui:serviceContact cssClass="cpClass" name="Technical contact" contactType="technical"/> would return <a href="" class="cpClass">Technical contact</a>
  • The tag <idpui:serviceContact name="contact" contactType="billing"/> would return
    <a href="">contact</a>
  • The tag <idpui:serviceContact contactType="administrative">Your SP's administrators</idpui:serviceContact> would return Your SP's administrators