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An interceptor is an arbitrary subflow that is assigned a flow ID that starts with "intercept/" and is further defined to the system with a bean of type net.shibboleth.idp.profile.interceptor.ProfileInterceptorFlowDescriptor in a list in conf/intercept/profile-intercept.xml.


While you may deliver a custom flow in a relatively "drop-in", self-contained jar, you MAY NOT manipulate the state of the IdP at runtime to install the necessary descriptor bean because it is impossible to guarantee that your modification will take place early enough to be seen by other objects in the system. There is no publically supported mechanism to extend any of the beans defined inside the "root" web app context, and so you MUST rely on the deployer making the necessary adjustments to define custom flows to the system via the associated type of FlowDescriptor.

Interceptor flows must inherit from an abstract flow named "intercept.abstract" by specifying it in the <flow> element's parent attribute. Failure to do so will prevent the system's built-in event and error handling from functioning correctly.