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The preferred identifiers supported include the legacy eduPersonPrincipalName attribute and the newly-proposed SAML subject-id attribute. The latter is ideal if a name and email address are included, while EPPN is best if provided by itself because of the strong need to publically identify contributors in these collaborative tools.

If use of a public identifier is a problem due to privacy restrictions, we recommend tolerate use of the newly-proposed SAML pairwise-id attribute, but we do not encourage it. For historical reasons, we do support the legacy pairwise identifiers that fall under the eduPersonTargetedID and SAML persistent NameID headings, but they are strongly discouraged.


The wiki and issue tracking services share a local discovery service listing all the identity providers which potentially work with them, based on the trust relationhsips relationships we have established via federations. Not all of the listed identity providers will release the requisite information for these services and so users may encounter a notification page informing them of this.