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A serious error was discovered in the implementation of this feature, as disclosed in an advisory. The ignoreCase attriute attribute was implemented in reverse by mistake, and so the default value of "true" actually causes case-sensitive matching, generally not the intended result. Pending the release of V2.6.0 in the summer of 2016, most deployers will want to include ignoreCase="false" when using this feature, along with a comment to revisit it once 2.6.0 is released, at which time a new setting with the proper implementation will be provided. In the V2.6 release the new caseSensitive attribute, with a default of true, controls the case sensitivity.


The <PathRegex> element is used to apply content rules to requests whose path matches a regular expression. The query string, if any, is NOT included in the comparison.


  • ignoreCase (boolean) (defaults to true)
    • Deprecated in V2.6
    • Controls case option in regex engine. Per the warning above, the default of "true" was mistakenly implemented to mean "don't ignore case", so this setting should almost always be set to "false". A replacement setting will be provided in a subsequent release.

Version 2.6 and Above

  • caseSensitive (boolean) (defaults to true)
    • Controls the case option in regex engine.


Content Settings

XML attributes corresponding to request mapper properties are used.