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Unlike many of the plugin types supported by the SP, there is no specific XML element that is normally used to load an EntityMatcher. Rather, other plugin types rely on this mechanism and include the configuration content identified below based on the type of EntityMatcher plugin used. There is typically, but not always, a matcher attribute used to specify the type of plugin.

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Name EntityMatcher

Matches an IdP based on its entityID or the name of an enclosing <md:EntitiesDescriptor> element in its metadata, informally referred to as a "group" name.


Code Block
titleExample use of Name EntityMatcher

<RelyingParty Name="">


  • <saml:Attribute> (one or more, unless shorthand syntax above is used)
    • Identifies a <saml:Attribute> tag to match on. Contains one or more <saml:AttributeValue> elements containing values or regular expressions to match with. To use a regular expression, add a regex="true" XML attribute to the <saml:AttributeValue> element.


RegistrationAuthority EntityMatcher (Version 2.6+)

Matches an IdP based on the presence of a matching registrationAuthority attribute inside an <rpi:RegistrationInfo> extension in its metadata, or the metadata of its parent <md:EntitiesDescriptor> element(s).


  • registrationAuthority (string)
    • Specifies an authority to match. Used as a shorthand syntax when matching against a single value.

Child Elements

  • <registrationAuthority> (one or more, unless shorthand syntax above is used)
    • Specifies an authority to match.