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  • Anybody copying one of the impacted login flows for private use, either directly or via adaptation into a substantially similar flow.
    • This is something we expect somebody might have done but is explicitly not supported because doing so would also involve references to non-API classes that are subject to change at any time so is already known to be unsafe across upgrades.
  • Anybody inheriting from the ExternalAuthentication class to provide an alternate concrete implementation of that class for use in a custom login flow.
    • This would be necessary if one were to build an alternate version of an external login flow without using non-public classes. We consider it unlikely because of the first bullet: people are taking the easy way out and copying the flows without regard for the correctness of that approach.
  • Anybody directly instantiating/adding an instance of the ExternalAuthenticationContext class to the profile request context tree.
    • This is also not something we would expect anybody to have done unless they had also duplicated other implementation classes or were, again, using implementation classes directly in an unsupported manner, so it's more likely to be a consequence of one of the first two.