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Comment: Flesh out (slightly) the domain cookie stuff.


  • identifier - (required) A unique name by which this version of the plugin is known. This is used when defining the precise behavior of each discovery handler.
  • type - (required) This attribute must be set to edu.internet2.middleware.shibboleth.wayf.plugins.provider.SamlCookiePlugin
  • alwaysFollow - (optional) If this is true, and if the Discovery Service locates a cookie with valid data, then this value is immediately used with no user intervention. The precise results depend upon which protocol is being used. (Default: true)
  • deleteCookie - (optional) This is usually set to "FALSE". If it is set to "TRUE" then the plugin will delete any cookie it discovers. If this is set, it is usually done in within a second <Plugin>, which allows the deployment of a handler which deletes any memory the user may have. (Default: false)
  • cacheExpiration - (optional) This specifies the lifetime (in seconds) of the persistent cookie. Set to 0 to expire when the user closes the browser. (Default: 6048000)
  • cacheDomain - (optional) The domain attribute of the cookie. This can be uuseful in deploying the SAML common domain cookie. Note that as per RFC 2965 this should be of the form "". (Default: none)

Discovery Service Handler.