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    May I recommend use of JSR-330 annotations for annotation-driven component wiring: These are standardized as part of JEE 6 and provide nice decoupling from Spring-specific functi
    Identity Provider 3 / … / AdvancedSpringNotesApr 23, 2013
  2. Re: Persistence (Historical Design Notes / Comments)

    Bother, I got logged out before I posted by previous comment. I might also mention that something like an external solution would also provide: a place to write logs (making it easier to centralize logs) – or at least statistics. a place to write data for other custom development / monitoring... such as for uApprov
  3. Re: Persistence (Historical Design Notes / Comments)

    From an outsiders point-of-view, I'm confused why you don't appear to have considered using an established NoSQL or distributed key-value store solution. But then again, something with a bit more Service (external process rather than inside the JVM) with a robustly designed API might be useful: more robust expiratio
  4. Re: Persistence (Historical Design Notes / Comments)

    Responding to the comments above, we're not going to pick any solution precisely because there is never, ever, going to be anything that most people will deploy. Anything we pick will become "the reason people can't use Shibboleth". So the only defaults have to be in-memory and perhaps client-side where feasible. Our
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