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This documentation describes a pre-release of XMLSecTool V3 and is subject to change.

The current stable release of xmlsectool is V2.0.0.

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xmlsectool is a Java command line tool that can download, check well-formedness, schema validity, and signature of an XML document. It can also create enveloped signatures of an XML document.


This space describes the xmlsectool V3.x series of releases. This software has not yet been released; the current stable release of xmlsectool is V2.0.0. Content enclosed in boxes like this preview the released state of the documentation.


The current stable release of XMLSecTool is V3.0.0, and the previous stable release is V2.0.0.

All software, including archived releases, is available from Each release is accompanied by a detached PGP signature using one of the keys listed in the project's PGP_KEYS file.

All our software is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source software license.

All deployers need to subscribe to the Shibboleth Announcement mailing list. This is where announcements about new releases, end of life of past releases, and security advisories are distributed.

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