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The <OutOfProcess> element contains settings that affect the behavior of the portion of the SP running outside the web server (the shibd daemon). This includes specifying extensions loaded only by that process. If omitted the default attribute values are used and no extensions are loaded. Usually it will be specified to define the format of the transaction log.






logger local pathnameshibd.loggerThis attribute points to a configuration file that defines daemon logging behavior, generally writing to the shibd.log file. If set, this overrides the logger property in the <SPConfig> parent element, but if omitted (defaulted), the parent property will take precedence if set.

If true, "global" exception handlers are used to trap crashes and other "uncontrolled" exceptions. This attempts to keep the daemon running if at all possible, but makes diagnosing bugs difficult, and can lead to unstable runtime behavior in which the service does not crash but cannot service requests either. Generally should be left off.

tranLogFormat formatting string

Sets the formatting string to use for transaction/audit logging. When omitted, the transaction log uses the old unstructured, multi-line format dating to V2. See the Logging page for details.


Sets a fixed string used in place of non-existent fields when the transLogFormat is applied to a logging event.

Child Elements




0 or 1

Specifies any out of-process extension libraries to load.

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