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The Shibboleth 2.x software has reached its End of Life and is no longer supported. This documentation is available for historical purposes only. See the IDP30 and SP3 wiki spaces for current documentation on the supported versions.

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Applications Supporting Collaboration

Organization / URL



Confluence Wiki

multiple people

Open Source Available from the Atlassian site

Darwin Streaming Server

Gary Chapman
<gary.chapman@nyu DOT edu>

Open Source
Not available at the present time pending review.


Dominique Launay <sympa-authors AT cru DOT fr>

Dokuwiki is a popular wiki software.
The Shibboleth authentication plugin can be associated to the Sympa mailing list software to extend Dokuwiki native group-based access control. You can therefore provide targeted access to certain mailing list members.

Drupal content management platform

email address

Drupal is an open source content management platform for web sites. Information about the Shibboleth plugins is available here .

Fedora Repository

part of product

OpenSource Project
Shibboleth can be used in conjunction with Fedora's support of XACML Policy Enforcement. Additional information is available in XACML Policy Writing Guide, and Authentication+and+User+Attributes.

Google Applications and Email

Will Norris

Campuses can outsource portions of their email service to Google. Users authenticate at the campus, and access email stored at Google. Information describing how to configure Shibboleth is available here .


Horde Shibboleth Team
<horde AT protectnetwork DOT org>

OpenSource Project
Module has been delivered this to the Horde Project but not sure when they will include it as part of their standard release...


D.J. Capelis
Shibboleth Extension Maintainer
<d1capelis AT ucsd DOT edu>

The extension is compatible with an out of box MediaWiki install for version 1.7 or higher. We are compatible with prior versions with minor code changes.



Microsoft is a member of the US, UK, and Swiss federation.


Information of the steps involved in Shibboleth-enabling Plone is  available here


Olivier Salaun
<sympa-authors AT cru DOT fr>

Open source
Shibboleth user attributes are used by Sympa for both customization and access control
Apache 2 authentication and authorization modules using Sympa ML server:

  • Apache2::AuthNSympa - Authentication module using Sympa mailing lists server user passwords
  • Apache2::AuthZSympa - Authorization module based on group definition from a Sympa mailing list server


Chi Nguyen

<chi AT DOT au>

Open Source
I have written a guide on how to "shibbolized" TWiki. It's available here
The set up allows users to register with TWiki where their LoginName is automatically obtained via Shibboleth. Note that this value is NOT changeable, but you are allowed to specify your own WikiName. The authentication is also done via Shibboleth. Since the registration sits behind Shib, there is no need for email verification either.


Will Norris

A plugin is available for WordPress that supports Shibboleth authentication. Information about the plugin is available here .

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