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Were the tracks pitched in a way (topics/themes) the things you needed? Relevant?? Pitched right or wrong.

Given more time an install fest would have been good.

Installation as a screencast.

Nate: screencast: Creative Commons: Break it down by sections (tomcat, apache, )

are there existing screencasts for tomcat?

specialty topics as a podcast; collect questions, then produce an audio/video faq

CM: The ability to engage "smaller" schools is critical; NSF is putting $Billions into CI, all of which will need trust & access control infrastructure. A coming digital divide, if we DON'T actively counter the trend of CI for the top tier only

We heard a "No" on outsourcing identity and access management, but are there other forms of assistance that might help with the barriers?

smaller size correlated with greater agility

Other than money, what particular barriers are there?

Julian Pietras: South Puget Sound Comm. College 1) mechanism to assist colleges thru the policy def process 2) really clear step-by-step documentation and screencasts and in-code documentation and "Next SP, please"

A package:

CM: Who would be the decision maker? Would it be provost/president level? JP: depends on institution.

Greg Lee: It often starts in the IT world, when it gets to policy, gets bumped up and may get stalled there.

Appproach Ithaka strategic services to help with this

Software freedom legal center to help train our legal folks.

policy template that local folks could work through; template/roadmap;

The JISC model in the UK: support for national-scale deployments down to k-12 on to further education

An option: "You hook up local infrastructure here and here, and we speak SAML for you to the rest of the world." Nah.

How much money would it save me?

Sean McKay, George Fox U.; the real costs are policy/human

Julian Pietras: forming groups to talk about things, you are facilitating and leading; have outside experts (from next door, even);

EMU, this would be IT driven, but policy looms large; Need a good way to sell shib to the institution. Business case. marketing materials targeted at different constituencies and functional groups; including sys admins.

Attributes: can the shib community help minimize redundant attribute creation and use. See the shib-enable list;

wiki would allow attribute work to be community-led. Look at FLUID project (FLexible User Interface Design). who are the vendors.

Proof of concept is needed.

Are there departments that can be enticed into cooperating through valuable carrots?

Marketing shib to the free-floating web app developers

carrot tied to a stick.

Resource on the nmi-edit site: Authentication Roadmap., left hand side links under "Implementation Roadmap"

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