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log4shib is a forked version of log4cpp that has been created for the Shibboleth project to ensure a consistent, working snapshot that builds reliably on the necessary platforms. Not every project can afford to devote resources to every platform, but unfortunately maintaining every other project just to maintain your own is also not realistic.

There are no plans to support this package outside of a Shibboleth (or OpenSAML) context, and enhancements are unlikely. If an opportunity to converge back with log4cpp arises, it may happen, but that code has undergone significant changes since the snapshot the fork was based on.

The dependent projects all build cleanly with either logging library, but you must use the same one throughout your build, obviously.


A typical command might be:

./configure --disable-static --disable-doxygen


The source distribution includes VS 2010 solution files that should be functional to build the log4shibDLL project.

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