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Version 0.8.0 (previous stable release)

For a complete list of issues addressed in this release, see


  • API changes for new Shibboleth coding conventions, and in the use of generic types
  • Signature validation can reject empty references, blacklist algorithm URIs and protects against "wrapping" attacks.
  • New stage to extract MDRPI registrationInfo into item metadata.
  • Moved to Java 7, Apache Santuario V1.5
  • Improved CLI experience
  • bug fixes

API Changes

  • DomElementItem becomes DOMElementItem
  • DomElementSerializer becomes DOMElementSerializer
  • DomFilesystemSourceStage becomes DOMFilesystemSourceStage
  • DomResourceSourceStage becomes DOMResourceSourceStage
  • domResource bean properties become DOMResource
    • getDomResource becomes getDOMResource
    • setDomResource becomes setDOMResource
  • xpathExpression bean properties become XPathResource
    • getXpathExpression becomes getXPathExpression
    • setXpathExpression becomes setXPathExpression
  • xslResource bean properties become XSLResource
    • getXslResource becomes getXSLResource
    • setXslResource becomes setXSLResource
  • BaseDomTest test class becomes BaseDOMTest
  • Stages and Pipelines with generic types are parameterised by the type wrapped in the Item, not the implementation type.  For example, you would now use a Stage<Element> rather than a Stage<DOMElementItem>. Most internal Stage APIs have been changed in a similar way.  For example, Collection<DOMElementItem> would become Collection<Item<Element>>The generic type changes mean that the DOM-based stages can work over any class implementing Item<Element>, not just the supplied DOMElementItem.

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