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Command Line Guide

The current version of the command line interface is fairly primitive and the current version is meant only to facilitate testing of metadata pipelines. A more feature rich version will be available with the 1.0 release of the software.

Command Line Execution

The command line can be invoked via the script (on Unix systems) or the mda.bat script (on Windows systems). The command line requires two arguments, in the following order:

  • Path to a configuration file. Note: this configuration file will need to serialize results out to file if any results are to be available after execution.
  • The bean identifier of the pipeline to be executed

It also supports the following exclusive, optional arguments (which must precede the required arguments):

  • verbose - turns on debug output logging
  • quiet - turns off output logging
  • logConfig - a path to a custom logback configuration file

If you wish to pass in JVM options (for example to increase the amount of memory available for heap space) you add these settings to the environment variable JVMOPTS. These will then be picked up by the command line tool.

So, for example:

JMVOPTS=-Xmx512M -verbose /path/to/my/config.xml MyPipeline
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