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All of the plugins documented here required V4.1 and above due to the introduction of plugin installation support in that release.

The Shibboleth IdP software, as of V4.1 and above, supports the concept of Plugins, add-on packages that add functionality and optionally expose Modules with individual features that can be enabled or disabled. Most new software features will be packaged as plugins to the core software to reduce the frequency of upgrades solely to deliver new features and to minimize the impact of security vulnerabilities.

The following table provides a summary of known plugins available both first- and third-party, along with links to the appropriate documentation and any security advisories published.

NameMin VerDescriptionAdvisories
Duo Universal Prompt4.1Duo UniversalPrompt OIDC-based login supportTBD
TOTP4.1Generic TOTP OATH token login supportTBD
Nashorn4.1Implementation of the Nashorn ECMAscript language (targetted for JDK versions >=15)TBD
Rhino4.1Implementation of the Rhino ECMAscript language
OIDCCommon4.1Implementation of reusable Java components related to OpenID Connect protocol processing. TBD
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