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This service reloads a specific <MetadataProvider> plugin via the id specified in the MetadataConfiguration. In the case of dynamic resolvers, a reload will clear the state of the resolver's in-memory cache.

<MetadataProvider id="nameUsedbelow" xsi:type="Whatever" .... >

The underlying web interface, which is managed as an AdministrativeConfiguration, looks like this:


The same thing on the command line would be:

$ /opt/shibboleth-idp/bin/ -id nameSpecifiedAbove

The parameters supported and their corresponding command line options are:

Query String

Command Line



--provider, -id
RequiredProviderId to reload

The identifiers of the resolvers are also listed by the status and metrics administrative flows.


V4.0 and upgraded systems include a bean defined in conf/admin/general-admin.xml to control aspects of the flow's behavior.

V4.1 includes properties to control various aspects of the flow's behavior using an internally-defined bean that may be overridden if required.

The general properties configuring this flow via admin/ are:

Property Default Description
idp.reload.logging Reload Audit log identifier for flow
idp.reload.accessPolicy AccessByIPAddress Name of access control policy for request authorization
idp.reload.authenticated false Whether authentication should be performed prior to access control evaluation
idp.reload.nonBrowserSupported false Whether the flow should allow for non-browser clients during authentication
idp.reload.resolveAttributes false Whether attributes should be resolved prior to access control evaluation

To replace the internally defined flow descriptor bean, the following XML is required:

<util:list id="shibboleth.AvailableAdminFlows">

    <bean parent="shibboleth.AdminFlow"
        p:resolveAttributes="%{idp.reload.resolveAttributes:false}" />

In older versions and upgraded systems, this list is defined in conf/admin/general-admin.xml. In V4.1+, no default version of the list is provided and it may simply be placed in conf/global.xml if needed.

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