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Current File(s): conf/c14n/simple-subject-c14n-config.xml

Format: Native Spring


The c14n/simple post-login subject canonicalization flow does a routine extraction of a UsernamePrincipal from the Java Subject and returns it as the canonincal principal name for the subject. It also supports a small set of optional transforms to apply to the name.

This flow will succeed if and only if the input Java Subject contains exactly one UsernamePrincipal in its collection of Principals.

General Configuration

Use conf/c14n/simple-subject-c14n-config.xml to configure this flow.

By default, the only transform applied is a trim of leading or trailing whitespace. Case-folding and regular expression replacements can be added, per the reference section below.



The beans defined in conf/c14n/simple-subject-c14n-config.xml follow:

Bean IDTypeDefaultFunction
shibboleth.c14n.simple.LowercaseBooleanfalseWhether to lowercase the username
shibboleth.c14n.simple.UppercaseBooleanfalseWhether to uppercase the username
shibboleth.c14n.simple.TrimBooleantrueWhether to trim leading and trailing whitespace from the username
shibboleth.c14n.simple.TransformsPair<String,String> Pairs of regular expressions and replacement expressions to apply to the username
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