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Shibboleth is designed to be maximally interoperable with other SAML implementations and SAML-supporting applications. However, standards never address every detail that goes into a successful deployment and implementations often focus on different features or provide for limited flexibility in areas that their implementers find to be unimportant or uninteresting. And then there's the reality that a lot of stuff is just plain broken.

Where information is known or made available about issues or configuration changes needed with other software products, people are encouraged to collect it here. We encourage (in fact we need) deployers of non-Shibboleth software to assist in this process.

Bear in mind that these are provided as-is in most cases with no curation by the project and there will often be confusing or contradictory material that is hard to reconcile with the official documentation.

Where possible, we encourage the use of a common template for documenting integrations, and you can create a new page from it with this button:Add an Integration Guide

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  1. Adobe SSO

    Adobe provides the following page where they document how to configure the Adobe Admin Console and a ShibbolethIdP for use with Adobe SSO:

    1. It's semi-accurate apart from plenty of bad advice on the IdP and doesn't really explain how their system really works, like most vendor documentation. All vendor documentation should be considered highly suspect.