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Please note that the V3 release branch is now the previous stable release, with the current stable releases from the V4 branch.
Support for V3 will end on Dec 31, 2020.

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These are generally uncurated contributions providing help with particular features or tasks. We welcome all contributions and will eventually do some curation and editing and make them officially supported material. Be aware that not all of the material may be 100% correct.

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Authenticating against multiple OU'sdaniel.mcdonald@umb.eduFeb 05, 2019
ECPConfigurationMisagh MoayyedJan 23, 2019
Implementing MFA Using Native IDPv3.3 Duo Plugin (for IDPs who upgraded from 2.x)CRAIGBMar 10, 2017
Replicating Multi-Context Broker Functionality (Duo + Username/Password with user-opt-in forcing Duo)David LangenbergMar 01, 2017
Orchestrating Multiple Authentication Methods and Contexts - The Multi-Context Broker (MCB)user-25643Jan 26, 2017
IDP3 ECP with Tomcat and Apache-Managed AuthenticationWendy A EdwardsMay 13, 2015

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