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The <ContainerManagedConnection> element specifies a connection via a JNDI DataSource resource provided by the container. This requires container-specific configuration steps, generally including adding the resource definition to the webapp context descriptor, and adding a reference to it in the deployment descriptor (web.xml).

In older versions, this was the only way to share a DataSource across multiple data connectors and to configure alternate pooling implementations superior to the c3p0 library used in the IdP's ApplicationManagedConnection implementation. This is no longer the case; rather than rely on this mechanism, the new BeanManagedConnection option is the suggested choice.

Schema Name and Location

This element is defined by the urn:mace:shibboleth:2.0:resolver schema, which is located at


<ContainerManagedConnection resourceName="JNDIConnector">
  <Property name="JNDPProp1" value="Value"/>
  <Property name="JNDPProp2" value="Value2"/>


The only attribute defined is resourceName, the identifier of the JNDI resource to lookup.

Child Elements

Zero or more <Property> elements can be provided. Each must contain two attributes: name and value. These provide custom properties to be passed to the JNDI data source.

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