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The ChainingMetadataProvider combines multiple metadata providers.  It allows multiple sources of metadata to be defined within one file.

If an entityID is duplicated by the child providers then, as described here, the first entity encountered will be used.


Two chained providers
<MetadataProvider id="chain" xsi:type="ChainingMetadataProvider">
	<MetadataProvider id="LocalMetadata" xsi:type="FilesystemMetadataProvider" ...>
      <!-- ... -->
	<MetadataProvider id="FederationMetadata" xsi:type="FileBackedHTTPMetadataProvider" ...>
      <!-- ... -->

In the above example, local metadata is loaded before externally resolved federation metadata. This prevents federation metadata from accidentally overriding local metadata sources.


Any of the common attributes can be specified.

Child Elements

Any of the common child elements can be specified. Following these, any number of <MetadataProvider> elements, of any type can be specified

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