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All user visible messages are redirected through a lookup table, referred to as a bundle. Deployers may wish to change the precise text, or add support for other languages.

In the list below we refer to the bundle label and its "en" text.

5.1 Error Message Reference

Users should never see error messages from the EDS. The messages described here are nearly always symptomatic of misconfiguration.


Text: <div> specified as "insertAtDiv" could not be located in the HTML

The html page hosting the EDS has to include a named <div> and that name should be passed to the EDS code.

	<div id="idpSelect">

This error indicates that name supplied in the idp_config.js file does not exist.


Text: Metadata download returned no data.

This error indicates that the XMLHttpRequest get returned no data at all. It it more likely to be browser deficiency than a configuration one.


Text: Failed to download metadata from 'SourceURL'

This indicates that the JSON source could not be located at the supplied location. This will usually mean an incorrectly specified dataSource.


Text: Browser does not support XMLHttpRequest, unable to load IdP selection data

This error indicates that the browser is not sufficiently modern.


Text: Policy supplied to DS was not "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:profiles:SSO:idpdiscovery-protocol:single"

The EDS only supports the default protocol version of the IdP Discovery Protocol. The SP is trying to use a different version.


Text: entityId supplied by SP did not match configuration.

If myEntityId is specified in idpselect_config.js then the EDS comparies this value with the entity ID supplied as part of the IdP Discovery Protocol and throws this error if they do not match.


Text: No parameters to discovery session and no defaultReturn parameter configured

Unless myEntityId and defaultReturn is supplied in the idpselect_config.js, then the EDS needs to be approached using the IdP Discovery Protocol. This error is thrown in case where neither is true.


Text: No URL return parameter provided

Some of the Discovery Protocol was supplied to the EDS, but this did not include a return address.

fatal.badReturnString 1.2.1

Text: Return parameter is not whitelisted

The return address supplied was not permitted based on the configured set of allowable locations.

5.2 Other Labels

The following labels are used to supply text to the IdP display (as described in section 3.3 Internationalization). In general is is easier to inspect a deployed EDS to see where each is used. Howevere, for completeness the following labels are used:

Text: Use a preferred selection:

Used to precede any list of previous selected or preferred IdPs


Text: Or enter your organization's name

Use after the previously selected IdPs (no drop down)


Text: Enter your organization's name

Used if there is no previously selected (or preferred) IdPs


Text: Or select your organization from the list below

Used after the previously selected IdPs if there is a drop down and previous selections/preferred IdPs


Text: Select your organization from the list below

Used after the previously selected IdPs if there is a drop down and no previous selections/preferred IdPs


Text: Please select your organization...
This forms the first line of the drop down list.


Text: Allow me to pick from a list

This is the 'hyperlink' that switches input style between data entry and the dropdown.


Text: Allow me to specify the site

This is the 'hyperlink' that switches input style between the dropdown and data entry.


Text: Continue

The text on the selection button.


Text: Help

The hyperlink which dispatches to the help page.


Text: DefaultLogo

The 'alt text' associated with the default logo.

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