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The Shibboleth project has migrated its source code repositories from the Subversion centralised version control system to the more modern and decentralised Git. This migration is described in detail here.

All development work is now being performed against the Git repositories; the versions previously available through Subversion are no longer available.

Accessing the Git Repositories

The Shibboleth project's public Git repositories are available using a couple of different access mechanisms. You can read about these in detail under Git Repository Access.

Anonymous access to the repositories is via https, via git clone with a URL of the form

If you have a clone that formerly relied on git protocol via a git:// URL, simply update your remote ref to the form above to re-sync it.

A web view is available for most public repositories by visiting

For information on how to build and extend the code please see the development guide associated with the product you're looking to work with.

The lists below are not exhaustive but reference the major projects.

Current Java Repositories

Repository IdentifierDescription
java-identity-providerContains the Identity Provider product
java-metadata-aggregatorContains the Metadata Aggregator product
java-opensamlContains the Java version of the OpenSAML library, includes some non-SAML plugins (e.g., donated XACML classes)

Maven parent project for Shibboleth Java projects:

  • The Java 7-based parent exists on the maint-7 branch, and has versions like 7.11.0.
  • The main branch implements a Java 11-based parent with versions like 11.0.0.

Common Java support classes


Extension for Jetty 9.4 that allows TLS connectors to delegate checking of client-certificates to applications like the IdP


 Extensions to Spring, mostly in the form of various converters, context extensions, and bean factories


Extension for most recent Tomcat versions that allows TLS connectors to delegate checking of client-certificates to applications like the IdP


Command line tool used to sign and verify XML files, useful for scripting

Current C++ (and Related) Repositories

Repository Identifier



Fork of the log4cpp used by Shibboleth


Contains build-wide settings for the C++ projects on Windows


Contains the C++ version of the OpenSAML library

cpp-spContains the C++ Service Provider that integrates with commodity web servers


Contains the C++ version of the xmltooling library. This library serves as the base for the C++ version of OpenSAML


Contains the Embedded Discovery Service product

Internal projects

These projects are of an ephemeral nature and used by the committers during project development:

Repository IdentifierDescription
End to end tests for IdP V3
java-idp-testbedTest harness for deploying a captive jetty instance with IdP V3.
Also used as a laboratory for study of specific behaviours.

Unsupported Projects

Projects in this category are no longer supported by the Shibboleth Project. These repositories are made available for self-support and third-party support only.

Repository Identifier



Extensions to the ant used by the installation scripts for the v2 Shibboleth Java products


Contains the Centralized Discovery Service product


Java OpenSAML, version 2 library


Java OpenWS library


Maven parent project for v2 Shibboleth Java projects

  • Pre-v2/v3-split history has tags named "old-1", "old-2", etc. Post-split tags are named "1", "2", etc.

Java Shibboleth Common Library


Java Shibboleth Identity Provider, version 2


Java XMLTooling library


Extension for Jetty 7 that allows TLS connectors to delegate checking of client certificates to applications like the IdP


Extension for Tomcat 6 that allows TLS connectors to delegate checking of client certificates to applications like the IdP

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