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Shibboleth Development Center

Welcome to the Shibboleth Development Center. The content found here is mostly intended for people who:

  • wish to understand how the Shibboleth Project is organized and governed
  • are interested in contributing to the project in some way
  • wish to know about the current developmental roadmap and status
  • wish to understand how the software works at deep technical level

We also have a new developer blog you can track.

This page is not for people who are looking for:

  • information about how to configure the software, refer to the general documentation for the particular product you're working with
  • trying to evaluate if the software will meet their organization's uses cases (unless those use cases are actually about writing plugins and extending the software)

General Information

Project OrganizationInformation about the project's organization, membership, governance, and process.
Product VersioningInformation about the versioning policy used by the project for our releases.

Project Roadmap

The Shibboleth project development roadmap.

Technical Specifications

These are the technical specifications which various Shibboleth products support in full or in part.

Supported Protocols

Lists which protocols, defined by the technical specification referenced above, are supported by Shibboleth products.

Infrastructure Information

Information about Shibboleth Infrastructure, includes terms of use information.

Developer-Oriented Information

Source Code Access

This document provides information on how to get at the source for all the Shibboleth projects.

Developer Call Notes

Notes from the Shibboleth developer calls.

Java Developer's Guide

General guide for Java developers as they work on all the Java-based Shibboleth projects.

C++ Developer's Guide
General guide for C++ developers as they work on all the C++-based Shibboleth projects.

EDS Product Release Process

Documentation describing the release process for the Embedded Discovery Service

GitDocumentation for the transition from Subversion to Git.

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