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Any .gitignore files in the source repository will be ignored. Reposurgeon builds appropriate .gitignore files corresponding to Subversion defaults plus any svn:ignore properties set within the repository.

All svn:externals are removed, as they cannot be represented in Git. This doesn't matter for the current state of the repositories, as we have removed these in any case, but it will affect the ability to rebuild from older states.

Empty directories can't be represented in Git.

The Subversion properties svn:mime-type and svn:eol-style are discarded. Git usually does the right thing automatically when it comes to line endings, but we do need to watch that carefully in reviews to make sure that's the case. The results can be tweaked when required using and .gitattributes .

Hints for Reviewers

For an initial review:

  • does the collection of tags and branches look sane?
  • if you check out specific branches and tags, do the set of files look sane?
  • do EOL conventions seem correct?
  • look at each extra "emptycommit" tag the conversion process introduces, and tell me if it represents an ignorable event (e.g., a deleted svn property change, creation or deletion of empty directory)
  • use "gitk --all" to browse around and see if anything funky catches your eye

In most cases, looking at the TRUNK (now HEAD) will look entirely convincing. A lot of the review process is making sure that the history (particularly the structure) comes across (if we didn't care about that, we wouldn't bother converting anything other than TRUNK).


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