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Centralized Discovery Service 2.0 Details

This page describes the effort to rework the centralized discovery service.

This release will be fully protocol interoperable, both the old Shibboleth WAYF protocol and the newer SAML 2 discovery service protocol, with version 1 of the centralized discovery service. APIs will not be backwards compatible.

If you have comments/questions on the information presented here please send it to the developer's mailing list.

Planned Changes

Update to the latest version of OpenSAML to take advantage of the improvements in the metadata loading and filtering.

Provide an API for filtering out entities with implementations that filter based on:

  • a white/blacklist of entity IDs
  • protocols supported by the service provider

Provide an API for sorting entities presented to the user

Use the embedded discovery service as the UI

Package the release with a configured Jetty Servlet container

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