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Shibboleth Developer's Meeting, 2019-10-18

Call Administrivia

09:00 Central US / 10:00 Eastern US / 15:00 UK / 17:00 FI

Calls are normally the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. Next call would be Friday 2019-11-01. Any reason to deviate from this?

60 to 90 minute call window.

Call Details

This week's call will use the Zoom system at GU, see ZoomGU for access info.


  • (Rod) Do we want to make a bunch of "not expected to be extended" classes final in V4 - its out last chance.  Examples are IdPAttribute and AttributeResolver
  • Status/completeness of SAML SSO profile validation logic in OpenSAML
    • Looks like it's used in the delegation work


Tom, Henri absent


  • Just back from vacation, nothing significant to report



  • Quick update on Oracle Java 8 change 


  • Close (hopefully) to understanding CSRF mitigation across 'all' view-states
  • Next tidy up some of the code
  • Then let people decide if this is something they want.
    • If so, need to look at automated integration tests - existing ones, to check any breakage
    • Any new tests to exercise the CSRF listener (unit and integration)


  • IDP-1499 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Code freeze soon, then loads of testing.
    • Any other customizations?


  • OSJ-287 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • IDP-1494 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • MVC discovery / changes
    • Nested PRC design is convoluted but working (PRC → AC → PRC)
    • AuthnRequest being issued and response decoded by controller
      • POST only at the moment
    • Remaining work is on validation/attribute extraction half of flow, and polishing/extending request capabiilities


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