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Mostly a follow up from November's update...

We're ready to ship a small SP patch as soon as curl ships this month, which should be this week, so expect the patch late this week and I'll be circulating advance notice of that to announce today along with the early announcement that we'll be releasing a second IdP 3.4 patch update probably next week to address a CAS security issue and some miscellaneous cleanup work around warnings and deprecations.

After some discussion amongst the team and the Board, most of the consensus settled around aiming to produce a relatively scaled back V4 release by the end of 2019 rather than start a multi-year effort again. The exact scope of that release will depend on what priorities people bring to the table and on what we can manage to finish in that time frame.

I've started work on finishing as much of the undone logout enhancements as possible by the end of the year, and progress has been pretty good. SOAP-based logout is now working and I've started on the UI enhancements requested to provide more control over the sequence of events during logout. The former took more time than expected and the latter looks like it will probably take less.

We're also working on pulling in a third party extension to support OIDC authentication to the IdP as the very early steps of looking at proxying functionality.

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