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As I draft this, IdP V3.4 is tagged and will be announced tomorrow, just shy of two years (!) since the last significant feature release. The last month saw a large number of commits from the whole team to finish up late-arriving features and complete internal testing for the release. Pretty much everything originally planned for this release made it in (along with a lot more) except for a significant redesign of the logout functionality, in keeping with the project's long tradition of never getting logout work done on time.

As I outlined before, the list of new features is extensive. This will be the last feature update before V4 when we make the move to Java 11 and Spring 5. This release provides a good window to freshen and optimize configurations and get rid of legacy options and cruft that will be removed from V4.

Once this release is complete and we take a breath or two, work will begin soon on initial scoping of V4. I would like to work on some opportunities for direct interaction with the Consortium Members on what people would like to see from that work, aside from the long list of issues we already have open. One obvious task for the Board will be to have the necessary discussions on the viability of incorporating the OIDC extension being developed for V3.4, which is mostly a question of long term code ownership and maintenance.

Activity on the SP bug front is still very low, but we have a couple of possible issues to get cleaned up and then we can get a new build that supports OpenSSL 1.1.1 out the door in time for the end of the year. This may be an opportune time, with another Java developer coming on board to help out on the IdP, for me to spend a bit of time looking at the viability of an NGINX SP module.

I'll be at Internet2 Tech Exchange and ACAMP next week in Orlando, so I'll see many of you there.

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