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Last month saw the release of IdP V3.3.3 to address a CAS security issue, so please review if you're affected and haven't already dealt with this.

The SP V3 work has reached the beta stage, and we really could use some testing. A 3.0.1 is probably inevitable but there's always hope.Windows packages can be downloaded from our site, and RPMs are available from a test repository. Neither is guaranteed to be directly upgradable to the final release, so please act accordingly. The RPMs get rebuilt occasionally so they're not formally a beta, more like snapshots.

The new documentation space for the SP is readable now though far from complete. More short term work is needed to get it in shape for the release but it's pretty close, and should eventually be much more readable. Eventually we hope to add more examples and the sorts of explanations of things that the IdP documentation has. Most of the new features are not yet documented, but we'll aim for getting that done in the next couple of weeks. A final round of improvements has been made to the just-in-time metadata support and some of that will hopefully make their way back into IdP V3.4 now that we have some practical experience.

We will begin to get some of the dependencies released very shortly and the release itself is probably just 2-3 weeks out if we don't get any bug reports from testers. It would be nice to get a second mirror online if possible beforehand so please contact us if you can do that.

IdP work has continued off and on at a slow pace but is cranking up again and should pick back up in mid-July. A high priority will be to get the changes requested by the OIDC extension developers into the API so they can get back to work on it after their summer break, and then I think we will start to get pretty ruthless with identifying what else we actually have the time to do. I would like to get V3.4 shipped by the end of Q3 at the latest. We should have a reference configuration for Jetty 9.4 to include with that release, and the Windows installer will be updated to that version.

An item that just came to our attention is JPAR-121 - Getting issue details... STATUS , and could have major implications for deployers. It's a good example of the need to keep devoting resources to simply staying aware of what's going on with the platforms.

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