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We made progress over the holidays on a couple of Service Provider work items, reimplementing the on-demand metadata implementation to align with the IdP software and finishing up a revision of the xml-security library with OpenSSL 1.1 support. A release candidate build will be available this week and the final release will probably be this month. We have begun moving cleaned up SP documentation into a dedicated wiki space for the eventual 3.0 release. We're beginning to work through some of the issues associated with producing a new version because of the tension between removing some deprecated settings and guaranteeing that upgrades are safe.

We've largely finished implementing deprecation warnings in the IdP and will be producing a list of features scheduled for possible removal in V4.0 so that federations can begin to publicize the changes ahead of the actual release of V3.4.

The GÉANT OIDC team posted regarding the availability of an alpha release of their Shibboleth OIDC extension, and are targeting mid-March for another update. They would welcome testing and input.

We hope everybody's new year is off to a good start and are looking forward to a productive 2018. Expect the next SP and IdP updates during the first half of the year.

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